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Rubbish Chute Cleaning

High-rise rubbish chutes need regular, thorough cleaning to prevent odours, pests and health risks.

Garbage bags often burst as they go down the chutes, and the sides and doors get caked in rubbish that slowly decays, creating smells, germs and attracting pests.

We clean it all – but do much more than that too. We deodorise and sanitise the rubbish chutes, compactors and access doors using high-pressure sprays and eco-friendly products to leave everything clean and safe.

Clean rubbish chute

Best of all, we provide a complimentary pest control service with every chute clean – taking care of unwanted guests that the dirty chutes may have attracted – mice, cockroaches, flies and more.

We provide rubbish chute cleaning services in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

Garbage Room and Compactor Cleaning

The garbage room and compacter need cleaning too – and that’s all part of our service. We use the latest high-pressure cleaning systems to ensure a deep clean of floors, walls, fittings and the compacter itself.

Garbage room cleaning

We provide garbage compactor and bin room cleaning services in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

Pest Control

We provide certified pest control services at no extra charge with every rubbish chute clean we provide. We’re certified by one of Australia’s leading pest control training organisations.

We can also provide stand-alone pest control services if they are required, eliminating problems with cockroaches, rats, mice, mosquitoes, flies and many other pests.

Rubbish chute cleaning


Just wanted to say thank you for the high pressure cleaning of the garbage chute, compactor, bin room and hopper doors. I am confident we will be doing business together for years to come, as the result is nothing short of incredible.

John Vergios
Senior Building Manager, Locarno Apartments


We have been using Chute Clean for many years, and I would like to thank you again for the time and effort you take to ensure our needs are met. I would be happy to recommend your company in the future to anyone interested in your services. I felt it was important that I commend your company on the professional and thorough job you did at our site. Every area was completed in the manner you had promised and looks just great! Thank you again.

Nick Warren
Facilities Manager, City Quarter